Selective Ignorance

Today, in our climate of faux and sensational media, information is being fed to us like sipping from a firehose. Living in this constant state creates compassion fatigue, elevated anxiety, and powerlessness. More than ever, there is a need to cultivate a practice of selective ignorance. Urban dictionary defines selective Ignorance: as selectively ignoring distracting, irrelevant, or otherwise unnecessary information received, such as e-mails, news reports, etc. Here are three concrete action steps to start implementing selective ignorance and gain your power back:

1. Start Batching

Batching is scheduling time to check email, make phone calls/txt messages, social media, etc… In practice, you commit your effort to completing these tasks during the allotted timeframe and then refrain from further engagement during the rest of your day.

2. Create Auto-Responders

Dear all!

I read my emails twice a day at 10a and 4p. For urgent matters if you need a response before this time, please text me at XXXXX XXXXX.

Thank you for understanding.

3. Apply the 80/20 principle to your tasks

Evaluate your news sources, social media platforms, subscriptions, etc… Which 20% give me the most bang for my buck?  Which ones are a waste? Eliminate clutter and invest in what gives you the most output.